Loosing time waiting check suites to run ?

GreenMerge automatically merges green pull requests with one accepted review

How it works

Select applicable repositories

Review pull request

Forget about it


What kind of merge is it perfoming ?

It is performing the default behavior of the merge button (creating a merge commit).

What happens if I accept a pull request and the code changes ?

If someone submits a pull request to your repository and you accept it but the code changes before the check suite is finished, then your review will be marked as stale by GitHub, so GreenMerge won't merge it.

How can I add or remove repositories ?

You can visit our app's configuration page in your GitHub settings and edit the applicable repositories.

Will it merge my own pull requests ?

GreenMerge will only merge pull requests with one accepted review, so you will need to ask someone else to review it, or merge it manually.

Where can I ask for support or suggest new features ?

Feel free to submit issues or suggest new features by creating an issue on our dedicated GitHub repository